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 Connected Mama Challenge
Has 2020 been overwhelming? Feeling irritable, frustrated and disconnected?
Diante Fuchs is a Clinical Psychologist & Couples Counsellor who has moved to supporting working moms to release their guilt, find their passion and show up fully for themselves and their families. 

In Just 5 Days You Will:

  • Discover how to energise yourself: so that you are available to your kids and partner
  • Become more present: even when you are super busy. No more overwhelm!
  • Get creative with connection: So that you can connect without needing MORE time
  • Feel good about yourself again: Because you can be the mom you want to be
  • Say YES more: to your kids And your partner ;)
  • Kick Mom-Guilt to the Curb So that you enjoy motherhood (your kids will thank you for it)
Re-align and Reconnect to get your Mama-Mojo back!
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